3 Mar 2014

London kohanga keeps identity alive

7:15 am on 3 March 2014

A London kohanga reo is making sure Maori children have their own space to learn about their identity.

Te Kohanga Reo o Ranana, which is based on the kohanga reo model in Aotearoa, opened its doors in 1997 and holds lessons with 13 tamariki once a month.

Chair Vanessa Majoribanks says the pre-school is a bilingual environment because the tamariki are taught by volunteer Maori speakers.

She suspects that if it wasn't for the kohanga, there wouldn't be any other environment for tamariki Maori to meet and take pride in their culture.

Ms Majoribanks says the children at the kohanga all see each other as cousins.

The kohanga also provides a meeting place for parents who may come from New Zealand, she says.