27 Mar 2014

Funding for online Maori programmes

7:46 pm on 27 March 2014

The Maori broadcasting funding agency is breaking new ground and says it's taking a risk by financially supporting an initiative for Maori programmes to be created, but only for online viewers.

Te Mangai Paho and New Zealand On Air have put aside $500,000 to fund five projects including two entirely Te Reo programmes.

The two organisations say they're looking for new ways to reach audiences.

Te Mangai Paho chief executive John Bishara is hopeful the web series pilot will be as successful as similar ones in Wales and Ireland.

He says he's someone who wouldn't take risks and probably still is because any investment in information and technology can be risky.

However, Mr Bishara says the difference now is that in this case it is purely providing money for programme content.