8 Apr 2014

Council makes changes after court ruling

9:29 am on 8 April 2014

Rotorua District Council has made changes to the way it engages with tribes after being found by the Environment Court to have misled two iwi.

Last year, the court was critical of the council's consultation process with Ngati Makino and Ngati Pikiao over plans to build a wastewater treatment plan at Lake Rotoma.

Both tribes were awarded legal costs, and the council is carrying out an audit on how it engaged with Maori.

But the council's director of Kaupapa Maori, Mauriora Kingi, said the authority had already made some changes to the way it deals with tangata whenua.

He said a consultation committee has been created in council to talk to iwi and hapu about land treatment systems, water reticulation and sewerage issues.

Mr Kingi said a project committee to oversee kaupapa in the Rotoma, Rotoiti and Rotorua area has also been set up.