16 Apr 2014

Confidence CFRT can get job done

6:47 am on 16 April 2014

Crown Forestry Rental Trust chair Angela Foukles is confident it can get the job of funding treaty claimants done, despite troubled relationships between trustees.

Ms Foulkes said the important thing for claimants was that a trust meeting was held on Tuesday and business was dealt with successfully.

The six trustees will choose an independent party to facilitate a meeting ordered by the High Court to sort out their differences.

Ms Foulkes said the High Court ruling gave everybody a clip around the ears but it was time to move on and get the business done so the settlement process moved smoothly.

It had been doing its work despite the troubles, releasing up to $10 million to treaty claimants in the past year, she said.

Meanwhile, the Maori Council and Federation of Maori Authorities are back to the drawing board on appointments to the Crown Forestry Rental Trust.

The High Court has ruled a decision to remove trustee Alan Haronga and replace him with Neville Back is invalid.

Justice Williams found the February move was made by parties unauthorised to do so.