8 May 2014

Spectrum clearance delay

8:15 pm on 8 May 2014

The competition watchdog has again delayed its decision on whether to give Telecom the green light to own a portion of the radio spectrum - the broadcasting band wanted by some Maori.

Despite strong campaigning by a number of claimants, none have lodged submissions with the Commerce Commission about Telecom's $95 million bid.

The 700 megahertz spectrum became free after the nation-wide switch to digital television, and the technology will be used for a new generation of mobile phone technology.

The commission said delays on making decisions about clearances were not unusual.

In the meantime, it was still taking submissions and expected to make a decision at the end of May.

Subject to clearance, blocks making up the 700 megahertz radio spectrum are now owned by Telecom, Vodafone, and 2degrees.