13 Oct 2014

Art curator and historian remembered

9:55 pm on 13 October 2014

Jonathan Ngarimu Mane-Wheoki, one of New Zealand's most renowned art curators and art historians, is being remembered as someone who prepared the next generation of Maori art professionals.

Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki discussing a Colin McCahon painting.

Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki discussing a Colin McCahon painting. Photo: Jonathan Mane-Wheoki

Professor Mane-Wheoki died peacefully at Mercy Hospice in Auckland on Friday night after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 70.

Former colleague Deidre Brown, from the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries at Auckland University, said he was instrumental in pioneering a scholarship in the history of Maori arts.

Professor Brown said his work was important in equipping a new breed of Maori art custodians.

The Ngapuhi and Ngati Kahu woman said Mr Mane-Wheoki taught thousands of students at Canterbury and Auckland universities and reached out to thousands more through his extensive public lectures.

Professor Brown said his legacy lives on within people working in the arts and she would like to think that he is "looking down" on them and ensuring they will carry the work on.

The tangihanga for Mr Mane-Wheoki is at Piki Te Aroha Marae in Northland on Saturday.

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