13 Mar 2015

Te Puni Kokiri quizzed on restructure

10:05 am on 13 March 2015

Te Puni Kokiri has faced questions about the time it's taking to restructure the organisation.

Te Puni Kokiri CEO Michelle Hippolite

Te Puni Kokiri CEO Michelle Hippolite (centre) Photo: RNZ / Tom Furley

The Ministry of Maori Development has undergone operational and leadership changes in the last few years.

Appearing in front of the Maori Affairs Committee, Te Puni Kokiri Chief Executive Michelle Hippolite was asked why the organisation was still to appoint four of its eight main leadership roles.

Labour MP Rino Tirikatene asked Ms Hippolite if the shake-up was dragging on, and whether she thought three years was an acceptable timeframe.

Ms Hippolite told the committee she had hoped it would have been done sooner, however a review of Te Puni Kokiri took a year to pass through Cabinet.

Michelle Hippolite said she hoped to fill the remaining leadership positions as-soon-as possible and expected to be firing on all cylinders by this time next year.

She said Te Puni Kokiri will be working with local services as-well-as Government to help them better understand.

She said a significant mindset change was needed.