16 Mar 2015

Maori show high levels of trust in police

10:00 am on 16 March 2015

New research from Statistics New Zealand has found Maori trust the police and the health system over other institutions.

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Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

The survey of Maori well-being, Te Kupenga 2013, shows the police and the health system are the top-rated institutions by Maori, closely followed by the courts and education.

Government and media are the lowest rated.

Young Maori, aged from 15 to 19, and Maori over 65 trust the police the most.

Statistics New Zealand household statistics manager Diane Ramsay said the research was important because people were more likely to engage positively with institutions when they trusted them.

She said Maori who had experienced discrimination in the past year were less likely to trust the police, as were those who identified solely as Maori, rather than multiple ethnicities.

Ms Ramsay said the more highly qualified Māori were, the less likely they were to trust the media.