27 Mar 2015

Threat 'impacts all indigenous peoples'

7:03 am on 27 March 2015

A Maori researcher says the threat of shutting down remote Aboriginal communities impinges on the rights of all indigenous people around the world.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced his government could not afford to keep funding indigenous communities that were too far away from amenities, such as schools or hospitals.

Opposition by tangata whenua was painted all over social media.

Director of Te Kotahi Research Institute at Waikato University Leonie Pihama called on people to speak out.

She suggested Maori could help first-nation Australians in various ways, such as protest marches, petitions, as-well-as writing directly to Mr Abbott.

She wanted tangata whenua there to do all they could to help Aboriginal people because they're were living on their homelands.

Supporting their struggle meant Maori and supporting the global indigenous people's struggle, she said.

She stressed people should seek the approval of First Nation Australians if they wanted to set up rallies in opposition of the Federal government's plans.