12 Jul 2015

'Single parents struggling' - whānau report

2:31 pm on 12 July 2015

The Families Commission says New Zealand families and whānau are faring well with the exception of single parents.

The commission said its 2015 Families and Whānau Status Report showed that while many families appeared to be well-placed to perform core family functions, such as nurturing and providing a sense of identity and belonging, there was also a substantial minority of families facing adversity.

The report included data from the first national Māori Social Survey, Te Kupenga, to measure the well-being of whānau.

The commission's chief executive said those adversities could hinder whanau from fulfilling their basic family functions.

Clare Ward said the overall findings showed that many single parent whānau, and those living in multi-whānau households rated poorly on a range of well-being indicators, relating to economic security, housing, mental health, education and employment.

The Families Commission Chief Executive Clare Ward

Clare Ward. Photo: Supplied