Lawyer questions authority over TPP ditching

7:48 pm on 4 August 2015

Prominent lawyer Donna Hall is questioning the authority of those who ditched her as the Māori Council's legal representative on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) claim to the Waitangi Tribunal.

A leaked email from council co-chair Maanu Paul to Ms Hall stated that, at a meeting last week, the council executive dismissed her firm, Woodward Law, from the claim.

But, in a written response, Ms Hall stated the meeting had no formal standing, as many council members did not attend.

She also said some of the council's sitting members were making regrettable statements because they were worried they would not be re-elected in upcoming elections.

Minutes of the meeting contained allegations against Ms Hall, which she denied in her statement.

The allegations included a suggestion of a potential conflict of interest, as Ms Hall is married to council co-chair Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie.