2 Sep 2015

Ngati Paoa's "heavy heart" over court action

7:27 am on 2 September 2015

Ngati Paoa in Auckland says it is with a heavy heart that it considers court action to affirm its mana whenua rights in the city.

Last week, Ngati Whatua announced it was heading to court to get clarification of the Crown's policy on overlapping claims.

Ngati Paoa negotiator Hauauru Rawiri said that case was over the inclusion of two commercial properties in Ngati Paoa's treaty settlement.

He said the iwi had to put a stake in the ground and if need be, it would head to court to affirm its rights in Auckland.

Mr Rawiri said there was a lot of hurt though, and ideally court would be avoided.

"As we progress through the treaty settlement, one of our principles and values is tika, pono and aroha."

"Tika - we have to do things right, so we're alright with each other. Pono is we have to be honest with each other. And aroha refers to the relationship that we value.

"It is very, very heavy that we have to respond in a way that deals with that particular issue, and that's to affirm our rights in Tamaki Makaurau."

Mr Rawiri said the iwi would wait for the High Court judgment and the Crown's position before making its next move.