14 Nov 2011

Sealord plans to better exploit ownership image

6:33 am on 14 November 2011

Sealord plans to better exploit its image of being half owned by Maori interests.

The deepsea fishing company says pressures such as the price of fuel and total allowable catch restrictions in recent years have restricted its ability to sell the Sealord story.

The company says it wants to work more closely with its half owner, Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd.

Sealord chairman Matanuku Mahuika says in the last few months Aotearoa Fisheries entered into the iwi collective partnership in relation to the fishing of its annual catch entitlement, and Sealord is keen to be involved in similar arrangements.

He says Sealord's long term objective is to substantially increase the percentage of value-added seafood it sells and to ensure its fish is not seen as a commodity product.