25 Jan 2012

Ngapuhi appreciative of assistance from museums

7:22 pm on 25 January 2012

Ngapuhi's chief executive is keen to set up an ongoing relationship with museums which house taonga (artefacts) of importance to the tribe.

George Riley says a special feature of an exhibition of art which opens in Kaikohe on Wednesday, and marks the start of the iwi's annual festival, are Ngapuhi taonga on loan from the Auckland War Memorial and Otago museums.

He says among them is a self portrait bust carved by Hongi Hika in London in the 1820s.

Mr Riley says the iwi is very appreciative of the assistance from the museums, in temporarily repatriating taonga of importance to Ngapuhi.

He's keen to build a relationship with them regarding other historical items the museums house, which could benefit Ngapuhi people in terms of their cultural identity and self worth.