1 Feb 2012

Rotorua council aims for Maori flag for Waitangi 2013

6:39 am on 1 February 2012

A member of the Te Arawa Standing Committee in Rotorua now aims to select a Maori flag this year so that it can be flown on Waitangi Day 2013.

The standing committee, which is part of Rotorua District Council, failed to pick a flag to fly from the council buildings alongside the New Zealand one for this year's commemorations.

A hui a iwi in October indicated that people liked the Tino Rangatiratanga flag.

Committee member Trevor Maxwell says some were not entirely happy with the red, white and black flag, and wanted to see an iwi flag instead.

He says committee members were asked to go back to their constituents.

Mr Maxwell says, unfortunately, committee members ran out of time to make a decision so now the plan is to continue talks this year, and aim to have a flag the people are happy with to fly on 6 February next year.