14 Feb 2012

Taranaki board told to stay out of Treaty negotiations

8:56 am on 14 February 2012

The chair of the Taranaki Maori Trust Board says tribes in the region have told the board not to interfere in their Treaty negotiations with the Crown.

Under the Trust Board Act, the board administers assets on behalf of its beneficiaries, including the eight Taranaki iwi.

It also previously acted on tribes' behalf with the Crown on Treaty Settlements.

Board chairperson Miko Niho says various iwi in the province have made it clear that they are in charge of their own self-determination when it comes to their Treaty negotiations with the Crown.

He says one key issue raised is that individual iwi do not want the Trust Board to enter into any arrangements with the Crown on their behalf as they do not want the Trust Board to undermine the direct relationship each tribe has with the Government.

Mr Niho says more meetings are planned throughout the year around the country to capture the views of more Taranaki descendants living outside the rohe about the role of the trust board.