23 Feb 2014


11:48 am on 23 February 2014

This piece discusses suicide. If you, or someone you know is struggling, help is available.

News broke on Saturday afternoon of the death of media personality Charlotte Dawson at her home in Sydney. 

RNZ news reports that police say there were no suspicious circumstances. Ms Dawson was hospitalised in late 2102 after being bombarded with Twitter messages. She was a vocal anti-bullying campaigner and until recently had been campaigning for cancer resources.

Stuff reports her sister, Vicky Dawson saying Charlotte was generous of spirit and loving. “She had her demons, and other people didn't like her because of the things that she said, but she was always very forthright. She would always fight in somebody else's corner.”

And writing for MamaMia, Bec Sparrow says she didn't know Ms Dawson, but feels she let her down. “She talked openly and honestly about her struggle with the black dog and I think many of us responded by making her feel less than when instead she should have been applauded for her honesty. We should have responded not just with open minds but with open hearts and arms.”