12 May 2014

Finding comedy in the awkward, awful, and political

7:59 am on 12 May 2014

Forget toilet jokes, Sara Pascoe uses solipsism as the jumping-off point for her latest show. From Proust to Nietzsche, British comedian Sara Pascoe is fascinated with subjectivity and consciousness – but far from a dry lecture series, she’s created sharp, clever comedy from it, fleshed out with her own experience.

She is performing Sara Pascoe vs. the Truth at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Sara, also an improviser, actor (including a role in the wildly popular series The Thick of It), and panel show comedian, speaks to Radio New Zealand’s Charlotte Graham about turning awful experiences and political beliefs into something funny.

Listen to the full interview, which also covers analysis of different kinds of laughter, philosophy, novel-writing, and feminist comedy.

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