23 Jul 2014

Tour diary: French For Rabbits

2:53 pm on 23 July 2014

"We played 33 shows in 40 days around Europe and it was quite an adventure - a world wind adventure," says Brooke Singer, who alongside fellow vocalist, John Fitzgerald, makes up French For Rabbits.

French For Rabbits are Brooke Singer John Fitzgerald.

French For Rabbits are Brooke Singer John Fitzgerald. Photo: Unknown

Playing their brand of “dream pop” at The Great Escape Festival 2014 in Brighton for the first time, Brooke was surprised at the success of their show because she and John collected their band members along the road. Friend and fellow musician, Fraser Ross, from Wellington was one. 

Now living in Scotland, he says The Great Escape is a good place to come and get your “schmooze” on. “There’s a strata. There’s like the smelly musicians which often waft past you and then there’s the sort of the beautiful young woman and then there’s these kind of, sort of, older gentleman with the ere of money and power about them and all these people are sort of scrunched up in this little seaside town at the bottom of Britain…it makes for an interesting atmosphere,” John says. 

Listen to the full French For Rabbits audio tour: