3 Sep 2014

Ron Gallipoli's series of experiments

8:02 am on 3 September 2014

Ron Gallipoli stopped playing in his post-punk band, Sharpie Crows, last year; for him the next natural step was to start making electronic music, so he read up on it first.

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Photo: Anna Boydell

“It’s a series of experiments really,” he says. As someone who's been unemployed for a while now, Gallipoli says the album explores themes of unemployment and its subsequent feelings, like feeling judged.

The song ‘Snacks’ looks at what happens after someone takes a job because it's a necessity. “Part of the problem with an office job is that you get detached from your physical self,” he says.

Next Gallipolli will head overseas to try and find work – teaching is a profession he's considering.

“I think that the world is very painful and miserable place but all you can do is laugh or weep and being a Kiwi bloke, I’m not very good at weeping in public so I tend to resort to sarcasm instead, but I always appreciate it when people see the humour in what I’m doing,” he says.

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