10 Sep 2014

Kerretta makes some new noise

2:12 pm on 10 September 2014
Hamish Walker, Will Waters, and Dave Holmes are Kerretta.

Hamish Walker, Will Waters, and Dave Holmes are Kerretta. Photo: Supplied

On Kerretta’s third album, the experimental three piece have struck out in a direction that is more fearless than anything they’ve tried before.

“All ideas were possible, everything was available. Until the other two said ‘no’, then it was a good idea, I guess,” says bassist Hamish Walker.

Pirohia sees Walker, Will Waters and Dave Holmes expanding their post-rock vocabulary to include handclaps, marimbas, and Māori chant.

“We were trying to avoid the clichés as much as possible.”

All the member of the band were in same the room together for first two albums, but that has all changed, with Holmes now living in London.

Weird things happen once you become a band that tours fairly constantly but doesn’t live in the same place, he says.

“You get very informed by the experience of being in the band, but being in a band that just plays live all the time, not sort of spending Sundays in the jam room anymore.

“So you get interested in what works live and it starts to influence your writing process. So, you think what if you just drop this on a crowd.”

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