3 Oct 2014

Web series: Flat 3 - Season 3

7:38 am on 3 October 2014

Flat 3 follows three 20-somethings making their way through life, love and a whole lot of awkward situations.

Haven't seen Flat 3 before? WATCH Season 1 and Season 2.

Episode 13 – CARPE DIEM

The flatmates seize the day as Lee starts a new job, Jessica swears off guys and Perlina reconnects with an ex-boyfriend. Jessica has a kitchen encounter with the young new landlord, the life model at Lee's art class makes contact.


Episode 14 – TEACHER

Jessica finds herself the target of a scary acting teacher. Lee has an unexpected lesson in pleasure. Perlina meets her new flamboyant co-worker and seizes the chance to gain a new GBFF. Which leaves her current BFF, Katrina, out in the cold.


Episode 15 – MAN TALK, BABY

The girls are speechless as the flat party for Perlina's birthday goes awry. Sexy dancing, cake wars, and a coterie of elderly Asian men are just the beginning of an interesting night ...

Episode 161 – SALE NOW ON

Chaos awaits at the 75 per cent off everything sale. Perlina fights tooth and nail to get a new kettle, Lee encounters the enigmatic store mascot and Jessica bumps into her newly married little sister and her husband, Leon. But Jessica and Leon share a terrible secret ...

Episode 17 – THE WHITE ALBUM

Change is in the air as Perlina plays ultimate wing-woman to her ex-boyfriend, Nic. Lee is forced into a sleep over situation, and Jessica gets an indecent proposal. 

Episode 18 – THE GAME

When you play the game, you win or you die. Perlina enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend to win back her first love, Lee gambles for her independence and Jessica works at a prestigious role. Playing for what you want is one thing – winning is another.