21 Oct 2014

Chelsea Jade: Back under her own name

8:27 am on 21 October 2014
Chelsea Jade, formerly known as Watercolours.

Chelsea Jade, formerly known as Watercolours. Photo: James K Lowe

Chelsea Jade Metcalf has dropped her Watercolours moniker for her latest release, but the soft-focus edges of her ethereal R&B remain.

While her new EP Beacons released in New Zealand on Friday, Chelsea Jade is currently in New York, the city where she built the bulk of the tracks with ex-pat producer Justyn Pilbrow.

Tonight she’ll be performing these tracks at the NZ@CMJ showcase alongside Doprah, Orchestra of Spheres and Popstrangers, as part of the CMJ Music Marathon.

Before Chelsea Jade boarded the plane, she talked about her reasons for dropping the moniker.


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