26 Nov 2014

Amanda Palmer on learning to let people help

9:14 am on 26 November 2014

Rock star, crowd-funding pioneer, and TED speaker Amanda Palmer has built a music career, and a life, around fearlessly asking for what she needs. From asking for a couch to sleep on when she travels to shows, to asking a crowd-funding website for a million dollars to make a new album after leaving her major label, Amanda’s economy of asking her fans for help, ideas and resources – often giving music for free in return – has been both trailblazing and controversial.

Her new book, The Art of Asking, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help is ostensibly a book about making art, but it actually goes much further – cutting to the heart of why we’re so afraid to ask for what we need, and the life-changing events that can happen when we do.

This interview is the extended version of that which appeared in our new podcast, On The Dial.

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