29 Dec 2014

Top 10 video stories of 2014

9:07 am on 29 December 2014

We've got comedy, we've got documentary and we've got a story with two vampires that's somewhere in-between. 

10. Getting a good sound bite

What We Do In The Shadows vampires Vladislav and Viago get asked some pointed questions at a press conference in Wellington.

Shot and edited by Lena Hesselgrave.


9. Cycling at night

As part of a series about getting home at night, videographer Julain Vares tags along with T'Nealle Joie for her ride home.


8. Cathedrals of Consumption

A report has found that Christchurch is undersupplied for shopping malls. Hamish Parkinson and Juian Vares ask what that could mean for the future of the city.


7. Tinder Time

One man's perspective on the ins-and-outs of being on Tinder in New Zealand.

Shot and edited by Alexander Robertson.


6. Cook Islands Day

Cook Islands Day happens every year on the last weekend of September. Starting in 1985, it began in Cannons Creek, Porirua, as a way for the tiny Cook Island community in Wellington to celebrate their culture; through an integral part of their cultural tradition - dance.

Shot and edited by Aleyna Martinez.


5. Te Aotearoa Board of Immigration welcomes you to 2030 New Zealand

The year is 2030. Sixteen-time Billy T Award winner Guy Montgomery invites you to relocate to New Zealand, home of the world's best cricket team and the famous Sky Towers.

Written, shot and produced by Guy Montgomery, Chris Parker and Joseph Moore.


4. Choice Lolz: Hotbox

It’s a “God-given right, and a mean buzz”, and a Kiwi “rite of passage”. Made as part of the Choice Lolz election series.
Written and directed by the Poor Sailors Arts Collective.


3. Signing on for the beat

As a kid, Luke Ronaki never imagined he'd join the police force. He grew up testing boundaries, getting into trouble with the law. But now, having recently graduated from police college, he’s on the beat in Pukekohe. And he’s armed with a valuable tool – sign language.

Shot and edited by Alexander Robertson.


2. Wainuiomata: On the other side

For some outsiders, Wainuiomata has a reputation for dullness, crime and poverty. We find out what life is like for 20-somethings living there.

Shot and edited by Alexander Robertson. Produced by Jamie Tahana and Marcus Stickley.


1. The value of a city

Three years on from the Christchurch earthquakes, locals reflect on the destruction of the CBD and how it's changed what they value in a city.

Produced, shot and edited by Julian Vares and Lena Hesselgrave.