12 Mar 2015

Interview: Six60

8:08 am on 12 March 2015

Despite their success, Six60 say they still feel like outsiders in the NZ music community.


Six60 live in London.

Six60 live in London. Photo: Unknown

With their festival-friendly amalgamation of soul, rock, dubstep and drum & bass, Six60 quickly rose from being a covers band on the Otago University circuit to chart troublers, with their debut album going quadruple platinum.

Four years after that release, the band return with their self-titled sophomore album, this time written and produced with Printz Board, a close collaborator with the Black Eyed Peas and the man responsible for Kim Dotcom’s forays into EDM. 

Band members Matiu Walters and Marlon Gerbes talk to Music 101's Sam Wicks about their new songwriting partner and the challenges of following up their chart-topping debut.