28 Aug 2015

Off The Runway: Auckland

2:27 pm on 28 August 2015

Off The Runway is a fashion series about the individual style that defines New Zealand cities.


We hit the streets of Auckland to talk to locals about the stories that make their clothes unique.

“Auckland style is growing in a more international way,” Teva Chonon tells us. “I don’t think it has a particular style anymore.”

Teva is a bike technician so his wardrobe is made up of practical clothing like waterproof jackets, reflective gear and cycling caps.

He says the 90s was a big influence on how he dresses and describes his approach to fashion as fun with function and a little bit of sassiness.

On the other hand, Zoe Benbrook doesn’t define herself by only one look, but does have some favourite items that make up her wardrobe. Her blazer was gifted to her by a flatmate, while her favourite earrings were designed by a local jeweller.

“I’d much rather spend more time, and possibly more money on the one piece that I really really want and can justify investing in, rather than buying a multitude of cheaper items,” she says.

Geneva Alexander-Marsters is musician and student and the outfits she wears on stage were made by her mother, who used to be a fashion designer in the 80s.

She says she will sometimes change clothes up to five times in a day and would pretty much just do dress ups in her room if she could.

“We’ve got a lot of freedom and we can wear whatever we like these days, so I’m pretty grateful for that.”

Story produced by Ellen Falconer

Video shot and edited by Luke McPake.

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