14 Jan 2016

Stomping Grounds: Ladi6

9:24 am on 14 January 2016

Join Ladi6 for an enlightening and personal tour of 'her' Christchurch.


From Auckland to Berlin to Tanzania, Ladi6 (real name Karoline Tamati) has travelled the world - but ask her to name her hometown and she’ll always say Christchurch.

She grew up in the suburb of Aranui, where cousin Malo (aka rapper Scribe) was just an alleyway away, licorice was bought on aunty’s account at the shops and a young Karoline would ride her bike around the family’s tiny cul-de-sac, pretending to be a bus driver as she collected and deposited neighbourhood kids.  

Music 101's Melody Thomas heads south for a day with Ladi, cruising the streets of her old stomping ground. 

This is an abridged version. To hear the full audio, click here.