26 May 2016

DIY Touring The World: Australia

10:08 am on 26 May 2016

For the Kiwi musician, the grass has always seemed greener in Australia. 

In the final episode of DIY Touring The World, A Low Hum's Ian Jorgensen heads to Big Sound - a music industry conference and festival held in Brisbane. Industry events offer the chance to propel artists to their next career tier but it's also expensive for bands to get there and perform. Jorgensen meets some of the artists who played the festival to ask them if they think it’s worth it.

Music impresario Ian Jorgensen has been touring bands and throwing parties for the past 15 years. In this six-part series he details his experiences of the musical underground around the world, speaking with musicians, promoters and venue operators in China, America, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Directed, Edited, Written by Ash Smith

Produced, Filmed, Written, Narrated by Ian Jorgensen of A LOW HUM

Soundtrack: Summer Flake ­- Shoot and Score

Featured music: Anthonie Tonnon, Aldous Harding, Mesa Cosa 

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