9 Jul 2016

Pokémon Go: Catch 'em while you can

11:15 am on 9 July 2016

A game that was once thought to be an April Fool’s joke has become a reality, at least when it's servers are working.

A couple years ago, Google Maps put out a video saying they were looking to hire a Pokémon Master.

Now Pokémon Go, created by Nintendo, is now rolling out around the world - starting with New Zealand and Australia - and encouraging gamers to get out into the real world.


The game is Nintendo’s second mobile game and is free to play on Android and iOS but has in-game purchases.

Ahead of the release, Megan Witchalls, said if Pokémon Go is what Nintendo is making it out to be she’d probably go outside more. “I mean, it'd become even more of a community thing because friends would be able to go out looking for new Pokémon together.”

I'm hoping people go all out and organise gyms and leagues and such, really make the experience immersive.”

Nintendo has incorporated historical markers and monuments into the game as what they call pokestops. These are places where you can collect items and even eggs which will hatch after you walk certain about of steps. When you catch Pokémon your character levels up and as this happens you will start to find rarer Pokémon.

Different types of Pokémon will be found depending on the terrain, so water types will be found on beaches and near lakes and rivers. This means you will have to explore further than your own neighbourhood in order to catch different types of Pokémon.

Callum O’Neill a long time Pokémon fan from Wellington was eagerly awaiting the release of Pokémon go.

“I’m tentatively excited about Pokémon Go. The idea that I could go pretty much anywhere and catch Pokémon sounds incredible, but it’s heavily reliant on the tech not sucking.”

But, unfortunately for gamers, there have been technical issues. Servers have been crashing since the game was released in the US and there are reports that the release to other regions has been paused while the issues get sorted.