23 Dec 2016

2016 in cats

3:04 pm on 23 December 2016

TGIF guys, here are five sweet cat stories from this year. You're welcome


1. Tree kitten: After weeks evading the fire service, a kitten stuck up a palm tree in Panmure finally leapt to safety. 

Was it a metaphor for 2016, possibly the weirdest year ever, finally coming to an end?

The kitten was captured and is now being looked after by Lonely Miaow.

2. Brigit the cat burglar: Brigit the tonkinese cat burglar rose to fame when it was revealed she been stealing hundreds of men’s socks and underpants in Hamilton. Her owner thought Brigit was bringing the underwear to her as gifts. They were usually clean. 

Brigit poses with her haul

Brigit poses with her haul Photo: supplied


3. Miracle survival cat: In heartwarming cat news, this video shows a woman from Cambridge, near Boston in the United States, being reunited with her two 10-year-old cat brothers Mac and Cheese, who miraculously survived after a massive fire destroyed an entire block of apartments.


4. Kylo Ren cat: In January, the internet freakin’ lost its mind, when Monmouth County SPCA posted this photo of this cat up for adoption.



This cat looks so much like Adam Driver/Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

This cat looks so much like Adam Driver/Kylo Ren from Star Wars. Photo: The Internet

And unlike anything else in 2016, this story had a happy ending, because Kylo Ren cat got adopted. And like everything else in 2016, now you can follow him on Instagram.

5. This cat rapper Moshow rapping about his cat Raviloli, as they take a bath together: Lyrics include ”gotta give my cat a bath” and “cat ladies drive me crazy." Swoon.