23 Jan 2017

Ovary action: The best placards from Women's Marches across NZ

8:39 am on 23 January 2017

On Saturday, millions of people around the world attended Women’s Marches, in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands who marched on Washington DC in protest of the presidency of Donald Trump.

Saturday's Women's March in Wellington

Saturday's Women's March in Wellington Photo: Facebook

The grassroots movement supporting women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and equality in the wake Trump’s inauguration began with the single march on Washington, but went global to include 151 cities in 58 countries outside of the US. In New Zealand, thousands of women, men, boys and girls rallied in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Here are some of our favourite placards from on the day:

My pussy, my rules: 10/10 sign. 15/10 hashtags.


Mana magazine editor Leonie Hayden couldn’t make it to the march, but was there in spirit.


@leewithanonie is cool

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We sincerely hope so. 


Gwyneth, 90. #lovetrumpshate #womensmarch #womensmarchnz #womensmarchonwashington

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We will not be put in our place by a bully with an orange face.


#womensmarch #newzealand ?

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An oldie, but a goodie.


Loving the #womensmarch buzz. We're starting!! ??

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Girls just want to have fundamental human rights. 


We shall overcomb.


Extra points to these little revolutionaries for being so cool, yet so young. 


Ovary action.


Step away from the pussy.


I don't know where she finds the time.




Praise her.