13 Feb 2017

Seven things we learned from Max Key’s Woman’s Day interview

2:16 pm on 13 February 2017

He’s a slippery fish but someone finally caught him. Here's what we now know.


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As New Zealand’s beloved first son for the past eight years, Max Key has become known for a number of things: his fresh style; his cheeky sense of humour; and his Beyoncé-esque elusiveness when it comes to the press.

Though he may be happy to share his jet set lifestyle on Snapchat and Instagram, Max has long shied away from interviews. “Who is Max?” you could be forgiven for asking. “What does he do?”

Though the answers are clearly “someone very lovely” and “something very important”, Max has been coy about sharing the specifics with us, sadly only increasing his tantalizing mystery.

Until now! With the resignation of his father, John Key, Max seems to have loosened up a little bit and those lucky ladies at Woman’s Day got the scoop.

For so long the general populace have wondered what makes the hottest boy in Auckland tick. Now, at last, we have some answers.


1. He wants meteoric mainstream musical success but doesn’t care about being famous.

“I have always been a bit of a show pony. It’s not that I want fame. I don’t care about walking down the street and being recognised.”

Like any true artist, what Max wants is not the gaudy baubles of celebrity. It is genuine and enthusiastic engagement with his creation.

“I want to play a show and people sing my music back. Or play a show and have people come because they enjoy my music. That’s what matters to me”.

2. He wasn’t told about John Key’s resignation but instinctively knew it via advanced spawn-based intuition.

When the biggest surprise imaginable took place on that fateful December day, you may have taken solace in knowing that Max at least was in the know. Not so it seems.

John didn’t tell Max about his decision. This, however, was no obstacle to Max and the information passed between the two nevertheless.

‘“I could tell that it was about to happen” He insists. “I guess I’ve known him since I was born so I can tell when something is brewing”.

A father-son bond like no other.

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3. He has a nuanced take on politics

Max may seem like just a pretty face, but he’s not afraid to grapple with the big issues including his father’s career.

“Everything he did made one person happy and one person upset. It’s such a polarising sector. So even if he was like, ‘we’re going to give half the budget to the poor people and get everyone into really nice homes,’ the rich people would be like, ‘why are you doing that?”

Why indeed, Max. Why indeed.

4. He’s a self-made entrepreneur from way back.

“I was always making lemonade stands outside the house when I was a kid. I love making money!”

A chip off the ol’ block.

5. He’s not afraid to take responsibility for his mistakes.

Max may be sleek and glossy like a god, but he is just a man and like the rest of us slovenly plebs he makes the occasional error.

One such error - in which Max had the misfortune to record himself instructing a passing male cyclist that “real men ride women” and then post it on social media - still weighs heavy on his mind.

“That was really silly. I don’t blame anyone but myself for that but I’ve learned my lesson.”

All class.

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6. He’s single and ready to mingle.

Looking to land New Zealand’s most eligible bachelor? Better start scraping off all the slap!

“I wouldn't want someone who’s too concerned with how their makeup looks all the time.”

Max just wants something real.

“I am surrounded by a fake world - social media is fake - so at times, I really feel like escaping that.”

How refreshing!

7. He might have a re-brand coming.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how could you improve on perfection? Max isn’t sure yet, but with just one year left of his finance, accounting and property degree, his usual attire of bandanas, boxer briefs and a bare chest may not fly in the corporate world.

“When you’re an artist, you have to make your own rules a bit. I’m not going to break the law, but you need to dress a bit crazy ... but in the finance and corporate world, you can’t be this crazy kid”.

At just 21, Max clearly still has a lot of growing to do. But, if he’s anything like his dad, we have a feeling he’ll be just fine.

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