10 Aug 2017

David Duchovny is coming to New Zealand

2:31 pm on 10 August 2017




Singer songwriter David Duchovny will perform two shows in Auckland and Wellington in February next year. 

The David Duchovny? I hear you ask. 

Yes. It’s the David Duchovny of X Files-jeans-and-Timberlands fame, transgender FBI agent Twin Peaks fame. Babe alert fame. 

As we speak, he is in the studio sweating over his second album, Every Third Thought, which is due out later this year. I didn't even know there was a first album.

I’m going to imagine the studio has a fish tank in the corner, a leather couch, a desk with a lamp that shines through half open venetian blinds slightly onto an X taped on the window. There is a large porn collection in the TV cabinet. Suddenly you hear thesound of keys at the door. You turn around...

But I digress, and this part is exciting / important: 

Shows are February 20, at Auckland’s Powerstation and February 21, at Wellington's San Fran. Tickets (which start at $64.90) and meet and greet VIP experiences go on sale at midday on Monday here.

VIP experiences? I hear you ask. 

Yes, you can meet him, and pretend he is actually Fox Mulder, and you’re Dana Scully, and there aren’t 40 middle aged sweaty nerds standing around you. For just $250 you get to see the gig, get a photo with Duchovny, go along to the sound check, and have one "item" (BYO item) signed by the man himself. OMG. Heaven.

Duchovny’s debut album, Hell Or Highwater, came out in 2015, and pays homage to his musical heroes Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and R.E.M.

Sometimes in the music video for Hell or Highwater he wears sunglasses inside. And the lyrics are in the video so you can do karaoke if you want. 

You're welcome.