10 Nov 2017

In an old bank in Napier talking about socialism

2:49 pm on 10 November 2017

As poet Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey tours New Zealand with his pal Skyscraper Stan, he'll be immortalising each show in a poem.

Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey and Skyscraper Stan.

Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey and Skyscraper Stan. Photo: Supplied

I forget dinner

and get so drunk I forget my words

No one would of noticed if I didn't start yelling

“what’s next?”

as if these people know every line of my poetry


Stan sings about cigarettes

and emotional labour

and small town Australia

and winners and failures

stuffing whole worlds into his rhyming couplets


we have to do two sets

I drag out poems

that haven’t seen the stage in years

marveling at how fucked up

the stranger that wrote them was


between sets

we eat cakes and drink coffee

talking about the ills of capitalism

while trying to convince people to buy my novel


the crowd vanishes

in a frenzy of hugs and praise

we sleep in an old bank

haunted by ghost money

and gas money

and the ever-present spectre of Auckland rents

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