12 Nov 2017

Josh ruins LitCrawl for everyone

6:32 pm on 12 November 2017

As poet Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey tours NZ with his pal Skyscraper Stan, he'll be immortalising each show in a poem.


Josh the merch guy (not the manager) and Skyscraper Stan.

Josh the merch guy (not the manager) and Skyscraper Stan. Photo: Dominic Hoey

Why does everyone think Josh is the manger? 

maybe it's the turtle neck 

or the champagne he keeps buying with the band money 

standing at the back of Meow 

muttering about wanting to go home 

while me and Stan do all the work

turning our problems and hang ups 

into something palatable 

to the assembled audience of LitCrawl 


At the after party I pull out my typewriter 

and write poems about 


and animals 

and anxiety 

and time travel 

until my hands turn into lobster claws 

and my brain becomes fish guts 

while Josh swans around collecting business cards 


Afterwards we walk back to the hotel 

where drunk on his new found fame

and cheap wine

Josh throws the merch on the ground 

and refuses to pick it up 


He’ll be ok in the morning 


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