3 Apr 2012

Norwegian adventurer may be able to leave Chile

7:16 am on 3 April 2012

Public broadcaster NRK of Norway reports that adventurer Jarle Andhoy may be able to leave Chile later this week.

Mr Andhoy and his crew were detained on Sunday and held under armed guard at a naval base at Puerto Williams.

Journalist Martin Roalsoe of NRK says the Chilean authorities took the yacht in for a check because they were given a wrong name for the craft.

He says Mr Andhoy has changed the name of the Nilaya to Berserk - the name of his yacht that sank in McMurdo Sound more than a year ago, with the loss of three lives.

Mr Roalsoe reports that Chilean authorities say Mr Andhoy will not be allowed to sail for Argentina until parts of the yacht are fixed.

He understands they might be able to leave later this week.