12 Apr 2012

US lottery prize claimed by trio

4:56 am on 12 April 2012

A syndicate of three friends has claimed their share of a $US656 million lottery in Maryland in the United States.

The lottery was drawn 10 days ago and was won by three separate tickets, but tracking down the rightful winners proved difficult.

A single mother of seven earlier claimed she was a winner, but it has now been revealed that her story was a lie.

The ABC reports the real winners have now come forward and produced the winning ticket.

The trio chose to take their winnings as a lump sum - reducing it to $US158 million dollars. After taxes, their claim is reduced to $US105 million, leaving each with $US35 million.

The friends - who call themselves the 'Three Amigos' - have appeared with the cheque made out to their group alias for their $US218 million share. The three appeared with faces covered and want to remain anonymous.

Maryland state lottery director Stephen Martino said one is a primary school teacher, one works in special education and the third is an administrative assistant. They all work other jobs as well.

One plans to go backpacking through Europe with her brother, another wants to pay for his daughter's university education and the third wants to tour Italy's wine country.

Mr Martino said all plan to invest money and buy themselves new homes.