14 Apr 2012

Busker in court after cutting lock of hair from spectator

5:37 am on 14 April 2012

A French busker accused of cutting a lock of hair from a spectator during his performance has been given a spended conviction in court in Fremantle, in Western Australia.

Mime artist Rodolphe Couthouis was charged with assault following the incident during one of his routines at a street arts festival in Fremantle last weekend.

Police say he had not been given permission to cut a woman's hair and she pressed charges.

Mayor Brad Pettitt has confirmed that the council, which organised the festival, has agreed to pay for a new haircut for the woman and has offered her a meal for two in the port city.

The ABC reports Dr Pettitt says the chunk of hair was believed to be about 10cm long.

It is believed Couthouis snipped the ringlet to put it on a balding man's head as part of his performance.