14 Apr 2012

Hill backs Bahrain GP again

7:31 am on 14 April 2012

Former world champion Damon Hill now supports the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix next weekend.

Last year's race was scrapped following a crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising.

Hill previously supported the event after taking part in a fact-finding mission last December, but had a re-think following reports of almost daily clashes between anti-government protestors and police.

Now he changed his stance again on Friday. The International Automobile Federation has confirmed the race should go ahead on 22 April.

"I am now 100% behind the FIA decision to race in Bahrain. All the arguments have been made for and against," Hill said in an email on Friday, a week after he urged Bahrain to reconsider going ahead with the race.

"Human rights organisations have had their cases heard. No one is under any illusions about the situation.

''But the less vocal majority of Bahrainis also have a right to get on with their lives and we also have a responsibility to our F1 fans in the region.''

Hill was world champion in 1996 and is now a TV commentator.