29 Apr 2012

Council cuts recommended in Perth

8:07 am on 29 April 2012

An independent panel in Western Australia has proposed drastic cuts to the number of councils in Perth from 30 to as few as one.

A draft report, commissioned by the state government, has found there are too many metropolitan councils, leading to duplication and confusion.

The panel proposed three possible models for reform; cutting the number of councils from 30 to either 10 to 12, five, or one 'super council' covering all the Perth metropolitan area.

Professor Alan Robson says the current system is not working.

"Thirty local governments are too many for the Perth region," he said. "The current arrangements and severely fragmented structures creates a high level of duplication, inconsistencies and difficulties for business."

The panel also recommended making voting in local elections compulsory and paying elected members more money.

Professor Robson says one option will be recommended to the government in the final report at the end of June, following public consultation.