13 May 2012

Gunmen kill senior Afghan peace negotiator

9:51 pm on 13 May 2012

Gunmen have shot dead a top Afghan peace negotiator in the capital Kabul.

Arsala Rahmani was one of the most senior members on Afghanistan's High Peace Council, set up by President Hamid Karzai two years ago to open talks with insurgents.

Police say the negotiator was stuck in heavy traffic when someone in another car beside him fired a single bullet using a silencer.

The head of the peace council and former Afghan president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, was assassinated by a suicide bomber last year.

The Taliban have denied involvement in the killing of Mr Rahmani.

Mr Rahmani was one of the first senior Taliban members to join the peace process and his death will be of concern to other Taliban officials considering engaging with the government reports the BBC.