26 Jun 2012

Syrian forces fire at second plane, says Turkey

11:16 am on 26 June 2012

Turkey says Syria fired towards a second of its planes after the shooting down last week of a Turkish fighter jet.

The Turkish government has called a NATO meeting for Tuesday to agree on a response to the downing of its plane by the Syrian military.

Turkey said on Monday that Syrian forces had fired towards a Turkish military transport plane involved in a search for a F-4 reconnaissance jet shot down by Syria but the second aircraft was not brought down.

Damascus described its shooting down of the F-4 jet on Friday as an act of self-defence and warned Ankara and its NATO allies against any retaliation.

Ankara has said the incident was an unprovoked attack in international airspace and would "not go unpunished" but it did not intend to go to war over it.

Meanwhile, Turkish television reported the desertion of a Syrian general and other officers across the border.

CNN Turk said the general, two colonels, two majors, a lieutenant and their families - 199 people in all - crossed the border from Syria yesterday.

Thirteen Syrian generals are now in Turkey, which is giving logistical support to the rebels, the broadcaster said.