3 Aug 2012

Suspected bombers captured in Spain

9:39 am on 3 August 2012

Police in southern Spain have arrested three members of al-Qaeda suspected of planning an attack in Europe.

Explosive material was seized at a flat in the southern town of La Linea de Concepcion in Andalusia

where a Turkish man was arrested. Two other men were held near Almuradiel.

Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said they are thought to have been planning an attack in Spain or elsewhere in Europe.

He told reporters the material was being tested and was thought to be enough to "destroy a bus".

According to the El Pais newspaper, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula issued a message at the beginning of July looking for Spanish-speaking "lone wolves" as operatives.

In March, Spanish police arrested a suspected al-Qaeda member on terrorism charges in the eastern city of Valencia.

Bombs on four commuter trains in Madrid killed 191 people and injured 1841 others in March 2004.