11 Aug 2012

MP in hot water after hiring daughter

12:35 pm on 11 August 2012

A Greek MP who hired his daughter for a permanent job while serving as Speaker of parliament for a day is facing calls for his resignation.

Vyron Polydoras of the New Democracy party held the post between the inconclusive election on 6 May and the second on 17 June.

Published documents show he made his daughter an employee in his office.

Denying wrongdoing, he said the law had entitled him to appoint six employees and he had chosen just one.

The BBC reports the case has drawn public ire.

Mr Polydoras told the Eleftheros Typos newspaper:

''My daughter .. has three Master's degrees, speaks four languages and I ask myself why this issue was made public now.''

He has also pointed out that his daughter worked in his office when he served as public order minister and also as deputy speaker.