3 Sep 2012

Afghan recruits' training halted after NATO attacks

5:15 am on 3 September 2012

The United States is suspending training for new Afghan police recruits while checks are carried out on possible ties to the Taliban.

The move follows a series of incidents in which foreign troops have been killed by Afghan soldiers or policemen.

The BBC reports the suspension of training - which only applies to new police recruits - will allow US special operations forces to "re-vet" current ALP forces.

US special forces currently have around 1000 Afghan police trainees.

Lieutenant Colonel John Harrell said training had been put on hold for one to two months to review any potential ties recruits might have to insurgents.

Operations by forces already trained would continue, as would the recruitment of new trainees, he said.

Currently, approximately 130,000 Nato troops are fighting insurgents in Afghanistan alongside 350,000 Afghans.