19 Sep 2012

Palestinians don't want peace, Romney film reveals

6:10 am on 19 September 2012

A new video clip has emerged showing Republican challenger for the United States presidency Mitt Romney saying Palestinians have no interest in peace with Israel and are committed to Israel's destruction.

The secretly filmed video is from the same fund-raising event as a clip released earlier, in which Mr Romney says the 47% of Americans who would vote for Barack Obama see themselves as victims and live on handouts, the BBC reports.

The footage was posted on the website of the magazine Mother Jones, which says it was taken at an event in Florida in May this year.

The Obama campaign has pounced on the remarks, saying it would be hard to serve as president when you have written off half the nation.

Mr Romney has since said the comments were not elegantly made, but stands by them.

The election will be held in Novmeber.