1 Oct 2012

Broadcaster sorry for remarks on Gillard's father

6:58 am on 1 October 2012

Sydney broadcaster and former Wallabies coach Alan Jones has apologised for remarks he made about Australian prime minister Julia Gillard's late father.

The breakfast show radio host had said 83-year-old John Gillard had probably died of shame because of Ms Gillard's political 'lies'.

Jones says he has attempted to contact Ms Gillard to apologise directly after comments made at a Liberal fundraiser last weekend were made public.

The broadcaster says he acknowledges his actions may have caused her distress and added to Ms Gillard's grief and loss.

Jones says he repeated remarks initially made by someone at his godson's birthday party.

The broadcaster made the comments at a $100-per-head dinner at the University of Sydney Liberal Club last Saturday.

"The old man died a few weeks ago of shame," Jones said.

"To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament."

The ABC reports that in the secret recording by a News Limited journalist, members of the audience can be heard gasping with surprise at the comments.

The controversial broadcaster backed away from his remarks on Sunday, saying that to repeat them was wrong.

Jones said he thought it was a private function and was unaware there were journalists in the room.