27 Oct 2012

Green MP holds balance of power in ACT

8:44 pm on 27 October 2012

A Green MP will hold the balance of power in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for the next four years.

It has taken a week to count all the votes in the ACT's closest-ever poll and the result is a hung parliament: ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals have eight seats each and the Greens one.

The Greens were devastated in the election, the ABC reports, losing three of the four members they had in the previous legislative assembly; but it's now up to its sole surviving MP, Shane Rattenbury, to decide who governs.

He is expected to back Labor, headed by chief minister Katy Gallagher, giving Labor a record fourth term in office, but there will be a few days of negotiations with both parties before Canberrans know who will take power.