27 Oct 2012

Philippines typhoon death toll rises sharply

9:14 pm on 27 October 2012

The death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Son-Tinh rose sharply to 24 on Saturday as casualty reports from isolated central islands and the far-flung south came in.

Drowning and landslides were given as the cause of 11 deaths on small islands in the country's mid-section, the national disaster council said in its latest tally.

The other 13 victims were carried away by flash floods, buried by landslides, hit by falling trees and flying debris, electrocuted, or died from exposure to the cold, it added.

The official death toll from the typhoon, which was classed as a weaker "tropical storm" when it passed over the Philippines, had stood at six on Friday.

Eight fishermen from the central and southern Philippines are still missing at sea, the government agency said.

The Philippines endures about 20 major storms or typhoons each year, mainly during the rainy season between June and October.